Grace's Warbler, May 31, 2004, Chimney Peak Campground, Tulare County, California

Grace's Warbler
Tulare County, CA
31 May 2004


A Grace's Warbler was located by the host at the Chimney Peak Campground in Tulare County. Bob Barnes made the identification. See his description. Cindy and I stopped by on the morning of May 31, 2004 and immediately heard it singing, which it continued to do during our entire visit.

These few frames were captured before a camera malfunction and are less than ideal. The picture has been slowed down 10x and so the audio is not in sync. The audio is the best part of the file. There are two songs between the barks of the canine on the track.

This video shot by Leslie Lieurance is offered in two formats. If the file fails to load, try downloading and installing one of the players from the links below, then return.

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